Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Papashango my name, Witch Doctoring my game...(me have glamour coupon from Negril Photomat) Witch Doctor styling and profiling..Bones never lie(Quit stealing my tagline you losers!) Updates coming......
Ex-Wife Regelounut. She take half of Witch Doctor compound and turn around and give to new boyfriend that died mysterious death....Witch Doctor not shrink head..Witch Doctor not make to hack self to death with butter knife..Witch Doctor say Angels come and save him! Bones never lie

Witch Doctor not proud of photo model for in college. We all have pics we ashamed of. Bones never lie

My favorite zombie ever!! He soo funny!! he hid and jump out of trash can at McDonalds and clear place out! We go up to make up counters at mall and mess with pretty girls.. Witch Doctor miss him as he burn in Hell.

Crazy cousin Shamabomonug, always showing off that Shamabomonug! funny story he choke on chicken bone that night and die.. I bring him back from death.....wait for it!...with a womans voice!! now hes goats and dog not come when he call!!.... We play games like that.. he make me laugh just looking at..

Witch Doctor published...What can I say...

Witch Doctoring ole school. Man worried I make voodoo doll of him...WRONG! I turn him into voodoo doll of him! Bones say..IRONY!

Stupid ex-sister in law eat all ice cream in hut. Stupid fat husband too stupid to cast spell and kill Witch Doctors dog... Posers!

Witch Doctor try hand at fashion...Me not understand? Hot women, Witch Doctor...I dont understand people not get?

Brother Zaboubooboo, always the pretty one. Mamma Witch Doctor favorite, "You should been Warrior like brother Zabouboobo" She say. Witch Doctor say Zaboubooboo bought feathers! Big fake..bones never lie

Witch Doctor not need to say anything more....posh get some Witch Doctor.. Now she never leave alone.. some spells stronger than ole Witch Doctor magic..

Easy to spot fake..1st. Skull not real that easy 2nd. Seafoam green to be worn with chicken blood red for spooky yet inviting for contrast 3rd. where bone bag? huh huh? Yea dont bring that around here no more.

Witch Doctor Christmas tree! I make everything better...bones never lie

..Witch Doctor make Thanksgiving centerpiece on short notice(stupid Brother the "warrior" forgot... Witch Doctor must use generic skull..bone say sometimes art must suffer...

Witch Doctor new girlfriend, Myalauha. Bones say she after my bone sack..naw I say she just missunderstood. She make Witch Doctor heart skip beat(I thought it was zombie curse for a while.)